Capitalism Is Killing the Planet: The Case for Ecosocialism

Profit driven economic growth and its reliance on fossil fuels places it at odds with people and planet. The ecosocialist project wants to build a new, socially just, sustainable society based on grassroots democracy and within ecological limits by building a mass movement against climate change and environmental disasters. We want to create a society which focuses on meeting human need and ecological restoration, not profits for the ruling class.What is Ecosocialism? Why do we need it? How do we get there? A panel discussion will discuss these questions and solicit responses from the audience. Please join us!

The Panel:
Mark Ostapiak, SEIU Local 1021.
Ragina Johnson with the International Socialist Organization.
Andrew Greco, from the Bay Area Ecosocialist Project
Michael Rubin from Solidarity.

Moderated/facilitated by Amy Solar-Doherty, from the Bay Area Ecosocialist Project.




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